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Besides our security software you can also ensure the safety of your prized gadgets with our tamper-resistant metal labels. The high quality print is embedded within aluminum, and the high-bond adhesive fuses permanently to most surfaces. These tags are practically impossible to remove and are resistant to fire, chemicals, moisture and sharp implements.
Discourage thieves
Protect your portable devices from theft using these metal tags which are impossible to
remove due to the special adhesive used.

Make tagging simple
Make labeling economical and easy with metal tags that are durable and easy to apply.

More chances of recovering property
Personalize tags with personal or company
details so lost equipment can be handed in if found. Make identification easier.

Extremely tough and durable
Metal tags have a layer of anodised aluminum which will not break, is resistant to chemicals
and fire.
Tag fuses to the surface due to special adhesive making it impossible to remove or break.
Info on tag can be personalized to reflect your company name and logo for easy recovery.
Convenience Laden Features
My Device Tag Markings
Metallic identification tags are easily and quickly fixed onto plastic and metallic surfaces making tagging
and tracking of assets easy.
The tags have a hard anodised aluminum layer that can withstand high pressure. The special adhesive on the
tag fuses the tag to the surface of the gadget making it virtualy impossible to remove or break.
Customization for recovery
Personalize your tags with your own company information including logos. this makes recovering
lost or stolen property that much easier.
Unique IDs for recovery
The assigned IDs in our database allow us to send
found devices to you.
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